miércoles, 22 de mayo de 2013


Dear Paula,

How are you? thank you for the last email. I was very happy when I saw the email and I heard your good news.
Congratulations on your new job! It´s fantastic that you can work a state school, I hope one day I will work in a state school like you.

This year, It's my first year at college. It's nice and I have many interesting subjects and I have met a lot of different people, but we must work hard, if we want to pass all the group assignments and the exams.

The timetable is great. I don't have classes every day, I can stay at home doing my homework. Sometime I go to the library, because at home there are a lot of people every afternoon ( aunt, cousin...) you know! Then I can't do my homework very well.
In general I like college, I hope I will pass all my subjects and enjoy the summer.

See you soon!!

Love xxx


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